Detailed Insight about Buying a 2 Carat Diamond Ring

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Diamond rings are the ultimate weakness of every woman. These are the best gift for special occasions like an anniversary or wedding.  A 2 Carat Diamond Ring is termed to be a diamond statement. It has a remarkable size that will truly make heads turn. It is also a symbol of elitism.

Now when a buyer is purchasing a 2 Carat Diamond Ring, then she needs a guideline so that she can make the best pick. If the guidelines are not followed, then there are chances that the end product may not be up to the expectations of the buyer.

Let’s have a look!

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The Strategy towards Purchasing

Here is a set of guidelines that will make it easier to purchase.


Nowadays an e-shop gives valuable insight to the customers to get to know about the items in a better way. If a customer has to purchase a diamond ring of about 2 carats, then an e-shop will offer the valuable insight needed in this regard. It is always better to purchase a diamond ring after doing the necessary research.

VS2 Clarity

The SI1 and the SI2 diamonds can be termed as eye clean because they are of a smaller size. However, this does not hold true for the bigger sized diamonds. To avoid seeing ugly and black inclusions with the naked eye, the 2 Carat Diamond Ring should have VS2 clarity.

Better Cut

The beauty of a diamond lies in its sparkle. When the diamond ring has a better cut, then it can be very useful in hiding inclusions and the colour tones. This means that a 2 carat diamond is worth the pick because it is large and still preserves the brilliance of a diamond. The 2 carat diamond also has lower clarity grades so it makes it a perfect pick for a diamond ring.

Choose “G Colour

Another perspective that the buyer should keep in mind while purchasing a 2 Carat Diamond Ring is to choose G or a better colour. Now what happens with the larger diamonds is that they tend to trap the body colour more in comparison to the smaller diamonds. It is advisable to opt for a diamond with a G colour if a person is a colour conscious. This way the buyer will not get to see nuances of yellow.

Approved By Gemological Labs “AGS” or “GIA”

An important aspect that the buyer should remember when buying a 2 Carat Diamond Ring is to opt for those diamonds that have been approved by gemological labs like AGS or GIA.

Where To Find High-Quality Range?

It is always preferable to buy the 2 Carat Diamond Ring from those vendors who can provide the Idealscope Image or crucial cut data like the ASET. This way the buyer gets a better idea about the optical performance of the diamond. The Idealscope images will give the customer an idea of the colour, clarity and the cut of the diamond.

When the customer is purchasing the 2 Carat Diamond Ring then what needs to be done is that the buyer can go through the ASET and the Idealscope charts.

Now an important question might come into the mind of the buyer why is the ASET or Idealscope information not provided by the majority of the vendors. Well, there is a reason behind it. The prime reason is that most jewellers are selling sub-par-cut diamonds. The jewellers do not want the customers to get the real insight about diamonds, and this is why they do not offer Idealscope or ASET information. They do not want the layman to figure out the difference between sub-quality and high-quality diamonds.

Things To Watch Out

The customer needs to make sure that the ring does not have an industry grade diamond. Such diamonds lack the sparkle and the brilliance, so if one spends on such ring, then it will be a complete waste of money. When buying a 2 Carat Diamond Ring, the buyer also needs to ensure that it is not graded by an unknown lab.

The Perfect Ring Setting For a 2 Carat Diamond

The centre stone is not the only important aspect about a diamond ring; the setting also plays a crucial role if a customer is buying the ring for a special occasion like anniversary or engagement. The setting of the ring needs to be selected with wisdom because it will have an effect on the security of the mounted diamond and the appearance of the ring as well.

For example:

  1. Prong Setting: The customer can opt for a prong setting for the ring. When the buyer opts for this type of setting than the two prongs, it can easily wrap around the stone crown for securing it in the right place.
  2. Bezel Setting: Another popular type of setting is the bezel setting. A metal rim surrounds the diamond. The metal surrounds the diamond by the girdle, and this helps to keep the diamond in place.
  3. Pave setting: The customer even has the option to opt for Pave setting. The diamonds are set low in this type of setting, and tiny beads are used for keeping the diamonds close together. This will give a brilliant effect to the ring, and the diamonds will also remain secure.

How to Take Care of the 2 Carat Diamond Ring

Now if one wants to preserve the beauty of the 2 Carat Diamond Ring forever, then certain measures are needed in this regard.

Diamond’s cleaning

The most important aspect is that the ring needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. It is not the best option to clean the ring at home. The better approach will be to get the diamond ring cleaned up by a professional jeweller. The jewellers usually steam the ring, and it helps to get the much-needed sparkle.

  • However, if for some reason the diamond ring cannot be cleaned by a professional jeweller, then the safe way to clean the ring is at home by using a dish detergent and warm water. The ring needs to be gently scrubbed with a toothbrush as well.
  • Most women do not take care while applying the lotions or creams on their hands. The lotions and creams do not just make the ring look dirty, but these chemicals can also lead to the discoloration of the ring so it is better to remove the ring when applying the lotions.
  • The diamond ring also needs to be removed during the house cleaning regime because the chemicals can have an adverse effect on the ring.
  • The most important rule is to handle the 2 Carat Diamond Ring gently. One needs to understand that it is something fragile and needs to be handled with care. It is not advisable to hammer anything while wearing the ring.

Yearly Check-Up

Now diamond rings are something way too expensive, so they do need maintenance. Now it is not possible for a layman to evaluate a ring properly, the best solution is to take the ring to a jeweller. This activity can be done once a year. The jeweller will check if there are any cracks or chips in the ring. The jeweller will also inspect if the stone fitting is secure.

Other Safety Measures

When one is indulging in any intense sports activity, it is always advisable to remove the ring especially during activities like swimming.  The ring should be removed while cooking as well because the food items can get stuck in the diamond ring and it can become a hard task to remove the food particles from it.

It is very important to keep the diamond ring in a safe place. Make sure that the 2 Carat Diamond Ring is kept separate from other jewellery items. This way the diamond ring will not get scratched. The diamond should be kept in a jewellery box that has cotton pads and fabric lining. This will help to reduce the movement, and the ring will not hit the sides of the container. The diamond ring can also be kept in zipper pouches.

Buying a 2 Carat Diamond Ring from an online store or In-Store?

Most people get confused whether they should buy the diamond ring from an In-Store or an online store. Well, there is no denying fact that when one buys a diamond ring from an online store, then it surely saves up on a lot of time. When one is making a purchase from an online store, then the selection becomes easy, and the diamonds from different merchants can be compared with ease.

The best part is that when the customer makes a purchase from an online store, then she can get the items at a more affordable price. When the customer decides to make a 2 Carat Diamond ring purchase from a well-reputed site, then they have well-defined refund policies as well. When the customer is making a purchase, then she should ensure that the e-shop offers a full refund by the method through which the customer makes the payment.

Now the point to take care of is that there are sites out there that do not take control of the quality of the diamonds. Thus, the customer has to ensure that the purchase is only made from the reputed merchants. If the customer decides to make a purchase from an online store, then she needs to have an in-depth insight about diamonds because a normal buyer needs to compare the diamonds to evaluate them. However, this is not possible when one is making a purchase online. Only a person who truly has valuable knowledge about diamonds can make the purchase online.

When a person decides to visit a store and buy a diamond ring then obviously he can check out things in a better way, but obviously, that is more time consuming. The hardest part of purchasing diamonds from a physical store is that obviously the price is going to be higher.

Thus, a person should evaluate all pros and cons of buying 2 Carat Diamond Ring from an e-shop or physical store then one should make her choice.

2 Carat Diamond Ring Ideas For A Wedding

Now it can be quite a confusion to choose a 2 Carat Diamond Ring for a special occasion like a wedding.

Here are some ideas for the perfect wedding ring:

  • Pear Shaped Diamond: It will be a smart idea to buy a 2 Carat Diamond Ring which has a pear-shaped diamond having a halo split shank style. This design will look perfect if it is natural and not lab created. The pear shaped diamond will look perfect in a white gold ring. It will be a perfect deal to buy this diamond ring if it has a metal purity of 14k and is graded by GIA.
  • Simple Round Shaped: A simple round shaped 2 Carat Diamond will work perfectly well for a wedding ring. The round shaped diamond will look perfect in a white gold ring. This may seem to be a very simple design, but it has an elegance of its own.
  • Prong Diamond: A Two carat classic prong diamond ring can also be a perfect idea for a wedding. However, the customer should ensure that the diamond is in its natural form. The main beauty of such ring is the intricacy of the design, and that is what makes this diamond ring desirable.
  • Princess Cut Diamond: A princess cut diamond ring has its own. It looks very delicate and is quite apt for special occasions. It is preferable to opt in for a colourless grade if it has to be blended with a white metal. If one prefers to give a vintage influence to the ring, then the 2 carat diamond should be set with a French set Halo. This will also help to add that extra sparkle to the ring that will truly make the diamond ring stand out.
  • Cushion Cut: Well having a cushion cut 2 Carat Diamond Ring can also be a nice idea for a festive occasion. It magnifies the beauty of the diamond. This design is most suitable for those who prefer a change and do not prefer to go with the regular diamond ring designs.

This guide has discussed the approaches towards buying 2 Carat Diamond Rings. It has also unveiled how the diamonds should be chosen and the most appropriate places to make the purchase. Now the buyer has the basic guideline how to manage the diamond ring shopping. It is always better to do extensive research about the diamond ring before making the purchases. The prices need to be compared too. When the customer is making the purchase from reliable e-shops, then there are fewer chances of ending up with the wrong pick. Thus, follow the mentioned guidelines and suggestions and go for the best deal when buying a diamond ring.