Woman’s Best Friend: Diamond Color and Diamond Clarity

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A precious gemstone like diamond is sure to be the best friend of women all across the globe. The class and style and the status symbol that it has turned out to be in the present day scenario is worth mentioning. It is the item that people crave to own at some point or the other but only if you are lucky will you be able to lay hands on one of these rarest items. If you try to get into the details of diamonds, then it becomes as complicated as its structure. From a lay man’s point of view, we may find that there is just one form of diamond available but it’s a big misconception. There are more to diamonds than any of us will ever know. There are a whole lot to know about diamond clarity and diamond color here we are to give a little insight on diamonds at large.

Various Diamond Colors and Color Grades

When we talk about diamond color then the first thing that comes to our mind is white or transparent. However, that is not all, there are a number of other colors with various diamond clarities, available in the markets today. Most of the diamond color is seen to occur naturally under certain specified conditions but some are even prepared synthetically in the laboratories to meet the increased demand of the classy public. Diamond color basically refers to the whiteness of the diamond and the tints in it which in turn make the different colored diamonds. Some of the popular and available colors in terms of diamonds are:

  • 100% colorless (D): This is the first image that comes to our minds when we talk about diamonds in general. However this is the rarest of the diamonds available at present and hence is quite high priced as well. These diamonds are given the grade D which is the highest possible grade for diamonds.
  • Grade E and F: These refer to the diamonds that are very transparent or rather almost completely transparent in nature. Color cannot be detected in these types of diamonds especially with naked eyes. These are high value diamonds and are a good status symbol but they are not as high priced and as rare as compared to the grade D diamonds.
  • Grade G and H: This type of diamonds is also available in comparatively larger quantities and they are marketed for a pretty high price in the present day. Determining the color of these diamonds becomes very difficult but however some color can be viewed if they are held against a higher color graded stone and also when tested with a colorimeter for that matter.
  • I and J grade: These diamonds are known to be nearly colorless as when seen properly slightest tinge of color can be observed even with the naked eye. But however this diamond color almost vanishes once the diamond is in use and made into a ring. They are high value and the most common diamonds that we buy for wedding and engagement rings to begin with. These stones look really beautiful and classy when they are mounted on the metal for a ring.
  • Slight yellowish (K to M): A faint yellow color is seen in the grade K and M diamonds. The color sometimes darkens into a brighter shade of yellow and sometimes to even a tinge of orange which looks really awesome on anyone who wears it.
  • Grade N to Z: These are the diamonds that are not fit to be called a diamond as they tend to lose their glaze and class. They are comparatively low price but are not so much in use even though they are available in abundance. The noticeable amber color is not a color of desire for many so they are generally not paid for as much.

On the other hand there are a number of other fancy colors of diamonds as well which include:

  • Blue diamond: This is a very rare type of diamond. It does not refer to any stone that is completely blue in color. In a blue diamond, when you look very closely up front then you will notice a slight bluish tinge which makes the stone even more sophisticated in nature. They are very high priced altogether and are in great demand.
  • Champagne and pink: The pink diamond as well as the champagne is the diamond color of choice that a lot of us make for our loved ones. Pink champagne however very beautifully makes use of the pink and the champagne color to create a beautiful tint altogether. It looks beautiful when you are talking about an engagement ring of this color.
  • Green diamonds: Green diamonds are the rarest form of diamond and thus very costly as well. This type of diamond signifies hope, growth and nature and thus is brought for a purpose in particular.
  • Grey diamond: Grey diamonds are the classiest form of the classy stone. It refers to a denser shade of the diamond and it looks pretty sophisticated and strong on the person who wears it.
  • Purple diamond: This is a fancy stone that is used for a lot of purposes as well and it is a perfect buy for engagement and wedding rings as well.
  • Stimulated diamonds: They are diamonds that are dense in nature and their density is their selling point. The density of the diamond is the reason for its high price and even then it is desired by many buyers across the world.

What is Diamond Clarity?

Some of you might have come across the term Diamond Clarity and you might be wondering what that actually means. Diamond Clarity refers to the imperfections and the visual effect of the diamond taken together. It may be a reason for the density of the diamond as well. It has become a determining factor for the price of a diamond. Different diamond clarity calls for different range of prices. The inclusions, blemishes, imperfections and flaws determine different diamonds. The clearer the diamond that more priced they are. The diamonds that have blemishes and are denser might not be as glazy and as bright and they might even lack the brilliance in some cases but their class and style does not go down to the least. Some classes of diamonds on the basis of its clarity are:

  • Flawless (FL): These are the rarest of the diamonds available at present. They almost have no flaws or blemishes or inclusions at all. They are the clearest form of the diamond and the costliest too.
  • Internally Flawless (IF): When the diamond clarity shows that the diamond has no flaws from inside but has a few minute flaws on the upper surface of it. These diamonds are almost as high priced and look equally good and classy on rings.
  • Very Very Slightly (VVS) included 1 and 2: These 2 classes refer to those diamonds which have slight inclusions, may be internally or externally respectively and they are priced individually. These inclusions are so small that they can only be seen (with difficulties) by a 10X magnifying power lens.
  • Very Slightly (VS) included 1 and 2: These imperfections cannot be seen without a 10X magnifying lens as well. They are so small that they can be almost overlooked.
  • Slightly Included (SI) 1 and 2: The imperfections are comparatively large but cannot be seen with naked eyes.
  • Included (I) 1, 2 and 3: These are not good enough grades for diamonds as their imperfections are visible even to the naked eye. Buyers should try and avoid this grade of diamonds even though they are diamonds and they are extremely low priced.

Diamond color and diamond clarity are 2 very important factors in determining the grade of diamonds altogether. It will also help you in making your choice for diamonds. If the diamond clarity is high, it will lead to a highly expensive product. That is, more the diamond clarity more amount you need to spend on the stone. On the other hand, in case of diamond color, more the diamond color the less expensive it becomes in most cases, of course there are a few exceptions like the green and the blue diamond which is extremely rare and as a result very costly.

Keeping Your Diamonds Safe

If diamonds have been made to be a status symbol for you, it needs good care and maintenance to be the same. Diamonds are a very high maintenance and costly stone to begin with. The general points to keep in mind for cherishing this precious gem lifelong are:

  1. You must ensure that they diamonds do not withstand extremes of conditions at any point of time. For example you should avoid wearing it when you are about to do some household work, especially in the kitchen. In contact with soap and water will make the diamond lose the glaze and brilliance over time.
  2. Use cold water to clean the diamond ring once in a while if necessary. You can also use some diluted soap for the purpose.
  3. Keep the diamond safe under lock and key in a fabric lined case if you are not going to wear it for some days.
  4. If the setting of the diamond ring becomes loose take it to a jeweler immediately before you lose your precious stone.

Maybe you need to know something about diamond cuts or diamond shapes?

Woman’s Best Friend: Diamond Cuts and Diamond Shapes

Buying diamonds is not an easy task. You need consider a couple of things before you make your choice for the best stone, a women’s best friend, and a stone that is going to be pretty light for your pocket. However, there are 4 C’s when it comes to buying diamonds. The two main ones among them are diamond color and diamond clarity, whereas the other two include the diamond cuts and carat. Before you buy the right kind of diamond you need to take into consideration all the four points in order to assure that you get the best value for the money you spend behind it. When you buy a diamond always go to a genuine jeweler for the same. This is because there would be limited chances of being cheated with a false stone in that case. Diamond are not just like any other stone and they are pretty high valued as well so do not just settle down for anything and everything that catches your eye, remember “all that glitters is not gold”, same goes for diamonds in the real sense. Settle only when you get the best.

For buying a diamond for a loved one, firstly decide on how much you can afford and then on the basis of that make your selection for the stone. After all, when you have your women to impress, her “best friend”, the diamond, will be of immense help. Do not choose just anything for her, she is special, choose something special and thoughtful that will not just be classy but will have certain sentiments attached. Especially when you are talking about some engagement or wedding ring you must be extra cautious and make your choice.

Diamonds of various colors, clarity shapes and sizes are available in the markets today at various ranges of prices, so take your time before you make your choice. Weigh out all your options, take each of the points into consideration, take your budget into account and then go for the best suited diamond. These high priced and high quality stones are the item of desire for many and not everyone is lucky to own one of them. So if you are lucky, that is, if you are ready to afford one for yourself or your loved one, then make your choice count. Select a suitable combination of shape, size, cut, clarity, color and carat and of course, the price and gift the special stone to your loved one and show your love for them.