Woman’s Best Friend: Diamond Cuts and Diamond Shapes

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Diamonds are said to be a woman’s best friend and why not? The class and sophistication that comes along with this simple mined stone is worth the attention. Diamonds are an amazing piece of art for that matter. The crude material brought out of the mine is randomly shaped and they are given really fabulous shapes and cuts to present to us the precious stones that we desire to own. You will be shocked to know the different diamond cuts and diamond shapes that are available in the markets today.

Most Common Diamond Shapes and Diamond Cuts

Round Shaped Diamonds

Round or circular is known to be the most common shapes among diamonds. For bringing out this shape in diamonds a huge amount of the stone has to be scraped out each time. Thus the loss of crude diamond while making such round diamonds is high. As a result the cost of round diamonds are also pretty high taking into account the per carat cost and the per carat loss of the precious material while designing. Study has shown that as much as 75% of all the diamonds in use for jewelry, especially rings, is these types of diamond cuts.

Oval Diamonds

This is another very popular one among all diamond shapes. The oval nature give a brilliant effect and comprises of quite a huge amount of fire. This diamond is opted by all those who have a special interest in round diamonds but what them to be unique in their own way. In terms of physical appearance this diamond cut gives a longer and greater illusion and makes the finger of the wearer longer and slimmer which is an effect that is desired by one and all.

Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut is another very prominent diamond cut that is known for its brilliance and style. They are widely available as compared to round shaped diamonds and as a result their prices are also comparatively lower. Only 40% of the rough stone is lost during the shaping process and as a result this simple yet fancy shape of diamond is within reach for many buyers. These diamond cuts are chosen specially for engagement rings as they are sophisticated and cute and just perfect for the purpose.

Cushion Shaped Diamonds

Cushion shaped diamonds look awesome when worn on the fingers. Its facets are larger and thus the shape emits more radiation making it look more brilliant than most other shapes. The round edges and a perfect shape make it look just like a pillow or a cushion and it fits in as comfortably as a cushion comforts you. The clarity of the diamond is higher in this particular shape.

Marquise Cut Diamonds

This is a special, fancy cut for diamonds that has been approved and certified by GIA. These classic diamond cuts consist of 58 well-polished facets. These types of diamond shapes is suitable for large sized diamonds and looks best when arranged with pear shaped colored stones around it.

Pear Shaped Diamonds

This shape is known for its symmetry, so if you are looking for a diamond that is not just brilliant but is symmetrical and has a positive balanced look then this is the one you should definitely opt for. Pear shaped diamonds are basically a combination of two diamond shapes, the marquise and the round shapes. The diamond looks like a pear and is pretty fancy to behold. It has a round bottom with a tapering end giving it a brilliant finish.

Asscher Cut Diamonds

This type of diamond is known to be the precursor of the emerald shape. The name of the shape has been given after its makers, the Asscher brothers. These diamond cuts are known to be of antique value these days, it was used on a large scale in the 1920s. This is a brilliance shape for diamonds and consists of proper positioned square facets one below the other arranged in order. Asscher cut diamonds are pretty large in size, though you can opt for any particular size you desire.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

These shaped diamonds are somewhat similar to the Asscher cut ones. However, they are a more modernized version of the Asscher cut. The mirror effect of the stone is taken into consideration while designing the stone and as a result the stone looks even more gorgeous in this shape. The beautiful arrangement of light and dark planes plays around and reflects the light in such a way that you will definitely not be able to turn away your head from it. This stone is priced individually based on the size and the clarity.

Radiant Cut Diamonds

This is one of the leading square shaped diamonds that have been brought into the market and as the name suggest it is brilliant and radiant to look at. The distinct facets make it a very useful sparkly stone and make it look really great on the wearer. These special diamond cuts are known to be a perfect buy for engagement rings and similar occasions. It adds on to the special effect of the stone itself.

Heart Shaped Diamonds

Heart Shaped diamonds are known for its uniqueness and is brought due to its special shape. As you can well understand this is not meant for everyone and anyone. It accompanies a special emotion, the emotion of love thus you should save for that special person. It has a sharp tapering end and is also geometrical on the lower side; the shape goes well with a number of metals and is available in various sizes. The 59 facet design is the reason for its brilliance. Engagement rings with this shaped diamond come along with a very precious sentiment.

Criss Cut Diamond

These diamond cuts are available with different crisscrossed layers. This type of arrangement is the reason for the extra sparkle of the stone. The 77 facets of the stone are arranged such that it gets the maximum glaze. The stone is available at a moderate price range based on its size and specifications.

Different Types of Diamonds

  • White diamond: This is the commonest form of diamond that is the mostly desired in the form of engagement ring or other romantic occasions. This is known to be the best quality of diamond available at present.
  • Champagne diamonds: This type has a natural color somewhat similar to champagne. From pale straw or yellow to cognac. It looks good when made with a proper metal.
  • Blue diamonds: Blue diamond is a very expensive stone. This is available very rarely in the markets and that the reason for its high price.
  • Yellow diamond: As the shade of yellow increases, so does the price of the diamond. The yellow color looks really good with metals such as gold and silver. It is a perfect buy for engagement rings.
  • Purple diamond: This is also a beautifully colored diamond available these days.
  • Orange and brown diamonds: These colored diamonds are known to be a very good and go with all fancy attires.
  • Pink diamond: This diamond is known as a sign of class and sophistication. It is very expensive and rare.
  • Pink Champagne diamond: These kinds of diamonds make use of the pink and the champagne combination to create a beautiful effect for the ornamented ring.
  • Green diamonds: These are the rarest form of diamond. They represent, hope, growth and nature.
  • Grey diamond: It is a very dignified color and goes well with gold or other costly metals. It is classic in nature with the neutral effect.
  • Stimulated diamonds: The softer varieties of diamonds are known by this name. They are denser in nature than the normal diamonds and also have a lighter weight.
  • Synthetic diamonds: They are not available in nature. These diamonds are prepared in the laboratories under specific conditions to meet the worldly requirements.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Diamonds

Diamond Cuts

One of the main factors that will help you decide the one of your choice. Decide wisely what kind of diamond cuts suits you best or the one that you desire and then select from the wide range of cuts.

Diamond Shapes

There is more number of diamond shapes than you will ever ask. Depending on the person who will be wearing the stone you can choose an appropriate shape for the diamond ring.

Diamond Clarity

The clarity of the diamond is very essential to uphold its nature and type. You must keep the clarity of the stone in mind when you buy one. More the clarity more is the price, they decide judiciously.


You as the buyer are in the liberty to choose the carat weight of the diamond. The diamonds that have more facets tend to lose more carats during the shaping process and hence their prices are higher based on the total carat of the crude stone.


You have a wide range of colors for diamonds available in the markets. Most of these colors are available naturally but some are artificially prepared also. You can make the choice according to your will.

Diamond Rings: Setting and Style

Single Band

Single banded diamond rings consists of a single strip of metal on which most commonly a single, large sized yet light weight diamond of an accurate shape has been placed. This is basically a simple ring type suitable for those who what to keep it simple yet add a touch of sophistication to the simplicity.

Double Band

This is generally larger in size than the single band and may consist of more than one stone arranged side by side or decoratively on each of the band. The bar channel setting can be a part of this kind of diamond ring.

Prong Setting

This is absolutely made out of perfection where the stone juts out above the base of the ring and the prominence of the ring is something to behold. It improves the glaze of the stone in itself.

Channel Setting

These kinds of setting consist of a number of minute diamonds arranged in order to give a perfect shape. It looks wonderful when worn. Here different diamond shapes are taken into consideration.

Pave Setting

In this setting small diamonds are arranged in the form of line beside each other to give a fuller appearance.

Bezel Setting

Different diamond cuts and diamond shapes can be arranged in this manner. In this kind of setting a diamond is cover with a metal case to secure it on the ring band for an awesome looking appearance.

Care for Diamonds

Diamonds are a very precious and expensive stone and proper care must be taken to uphold its longevity. Some tips to take care of various diamond shapes are:

  • Store the diamonds in a proper fabric lined case when you are not wearing it. Do not leave the diamond ring out in the open when not in use.
  • If the setting seems to become loose after months of wearing it, keep it in a safe place and take it to a jeweler for setting it back to place.
  • Do not do regular household work wearing these diamond rings as they might lose the glaze due to regular contact with water and soap and oil.
  • Clean diamond ring with care using cold water and mild household detergent once in a while, do not add strong soap on it.
  • Do not let the diamond ring come in contact with chlorine bleach at any time of its life.
  • Handle the ring with care at all times.

Diamond rings have become a popular sign of love in the present day. So you would not want to give your loved one just anything on a special occasion. Choosing the gem wisely is important. So think before you can and make your buy a great one.

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