Diamond – A Stone of Everyone’s Desire

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Diamonds are the stone that everyone desires no matter what their financial conditions are. However not everyone can afford it, and those who can make it their companion forever. Diamond is s gem stone that is obtained under very base conditions and looks pretty unimpressive when it is first fetched from the mines. It gets its beauty and glaze only after it is worked upon in the respective industry which makes the diamonds what they are and sells them against their original value that we see in the markets. If someone saw a diamond in its cured form, it is almost impossible to image that, that same stone could become such a precious gem soon enough.

Most of you know diamonds just as the king of gem stones but there are not many that has got a deeper insight on diamonds. Diamonds are not just any gem stone, it has proved to be one of the leading, most precious and most desired gem stone, especially for women, though men and women lay their hands on these stones alike. Here we would be talking precisely about diamonds and give you an overall idea about this precious jewel of all times.

What is a Carat?

Before getting into the diamond ring niche directly you first need to know what is meant by a carat. The idea about carat will help you make your decision about the kind of ring, the size and the quality you would want to have. So, Carat is basically a measurement for gemstones and since the early 1900s it was considered to be 1/5th of a gram that is 200 milligrams. However in the present day the jewelers use it to their benefit with a 1/4th increment.

In a complete ornament the total weight of the carat is calculated, the individual carats for each diamond piece present on the ornament is not taken into account. Thus it is very obvious that more the carat for a diamond, the larger it is and the pricier it becomes. Carat can be determined in points as well. That is if a diamond is ½ carat then it can be explained as 50 point carat and so on. Large diamonds of more carats are very rare as well as expensive.

For the years carat has been defined as the term used to measure the weight or the quality of any gemstone and more specifically a diamond.

What is Meant by Carat Size?

Carat Size is another very good determining factor for a good diamond. Carat Size is basically the standard size of the diamond of a particular carat. Though the size of the diamond might vary slightly depending on the shape of the stone but it remains more or less same, almost 99.9% equal. Jewelers, who are said to be professionals in the fields, can figure out the carat weight approximately just by taking a look at the piece of diamond. There is a standard chart for the determination of the carat size from the carat weight or simply from the carat. Due to the difference in the shapes of different diamonds, as mentioned earlier, they might seem to be of different sizes, but in reality their sizes are equal. You can calculate it with a standard formula.

Say for example a marquise diamond may seem to be larger than a standard round diamond so to say.

Weight of Diamonds

The weights of diamonds also vary depending on their size for obvious reasons. However there is something that not all of us are aware of, the weights of diamonds also vary based on their quality and their clarity. The finest of the diamonds are the lightest in the weight and they are the hardest too. Even a small dust particle of a diamond might be pretty costly leave alone the large sized particle. Thus it is very important that a person is very careful while handling diamonds no matter of what quality they are.

Not all diamonds are heavy and the weight of the diamonds or the carat weight of the piece of diamond should be a determining factor for the shape in which it is to be used. The shape and the size in which a diamond is used for an ornament, specifically a ring depends on its weight to some extent.

Size Determination For Ornamentation

The size of a diamond to be used for an ornament depends on a number of factors so to say. It depends on the kind of ornament you wish to have especially in case of a ring. An engagement ring will have a large sized diamond or maybe a number of small ones arranged in a specific order to form an attractive design. On the other hand a promise ring can just have a small stone or two so that it looks simple yet elegant. Furthermore if you are thinking of giving your better half a diamond wedding ring then the ring preferable should have a large, prominent diamond of good quality that will portray your feeling for her. The clarity of the diamond must portray the clarity of your feelings and emotions for her, it is said.

Furthermore the size of the diamond may even vary depending on the ring style. Another very popular ring setting is the three stone setting. This looks really good for bridal rings. In case the diamond ring is for the groom or for a man in general it is advisable that you get a solitaire diamond ring, as men prefer to keep it simple and uncomplicated. On the other hand women appreciate art and the more creative the ring can be, the better is your change of wooing her in the first place.

The different shapes of rings are also determining factors for the size and the number and weight of diamonds used to make the same. It takes a lot of meticulous work and huge amounts of judgment and calculation to ensure that the right ring is in the right hands. Making a diamond ring is not a cake walk for the jewelers they tend to work day and night to bring about a perfect piece of ring to gift your loved one and proclaim your love.

4C’s of Diamonds

Many of you must be aware of the 4Cs for diamonds, the color, the cut, the carat and the clarity. All these four should be maintained and taken into consideration while buying a diamond for any purpose. There are a number of other things to remember along with these, as discussed further.

Cut: The cut of the diamond vary according to the requirement and the will of the person buying it. If you wish to buy a diamond of a particular shape or rather make it into a ring of a particular kind for a special purpose then the cut of the diamond to be used needs to be taken into account. It might be round, rectangular, pear shaped and so on and so forth. Depending on the cut of the diamond the size of the diamond will also vary.

Color: There are many different colors available for diamonds, though not all of them are as readily available. Some of them are pretty rare and as a result pretty costly as well. The color of the diamond will vary according to the personal choice of the buyer or the preference of the person and even the occasion for gifting the diamond ring in particular.

Clarity: The clarity of the diamond is very important when it comes to a gifting process. However, the clearer the diamond is, the costlier it becomes. Thus if you are ready to pay a couple of extra bucks for your loved ones get them the best clarity so to say. This will make the elated and they will cherish the ring all through their life.

Carat: The carat weight and size of the diamond depends on your pocket in the first place. If you have some extra amounts to spend for your ring then the greater carat of diamond can be bought for a higher price and the like. However it is not always necessary that large sized diamonds are the best of their kind. You can make your choice and combine certain large as well as small sized diamonds to make a beautiful product.

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Things to Consider While Buying Diamonds

There are certain things to keep in mind while buying a diamond rings. They are:

  • Keep in mind the occasion for which you are buying the ring. Depending on the purpose and the occasion clarity, color, cut as well as carat will vary.
  • Determine how much you can afford to spend for the ring. This will help you get an overall idea about what all rings come in your budget and you can make your choice accordingly and get the best out of the range of rings available at your budget.
  • Remember that you do not want to lay hands on just anything that glitters. Buy from authentic jewelers to get the best products and the most genuine stones of all times.
  • Ask about the carat and check for the clarity, color as well as cut of the stone on the ring.
  • Select a shape of your choice.
  • Always remember that diamonds are not just like any other stone. They are the king of all gemstones and hence they need special care and attention. Give them their due care and attention.
  • Determine the carat weight as well as the carat size and select the most suited shape for the ring.

Only if you take all these and a couple of more things into consideration will you be able to get a good diamond ring that not only you will behold but your loved one, to whom you are gifting it to, will also behold.

Some glittery facts about diamonds

  • The term diamond has originated from a Greek word ‘adamas’ which stands for invincible or indestructible. This is appropriate for the precious gemstone, as diamond is supposed to be the hardest natural substance on earth and it can only be scratched by itself and nothing else.
  • The chemical composition of diamond is mostly carbon with just traces of other compounds. This is rarely seen in elements and compound available in nature. Furthermore diamonds are formed far below the earth’s surface where immense heat and pressure are applied to it to bring about the bonding.
  • In the Middle Ages people thought that diamonds had healing properties and thus were used to heal ailments such as fatigue and mental disorders. Though there has been no scientific discovery about this yet at the present day.
  • Certain ancient cultures believed that diamonds could protect the wearer from harm and give him strength, hypothetically this statement holds strong even to this day.
  • The largest diamond was discovered in South Africa in the year 1905 and was named as the Cullinan diamond which was about 3106 carats.
  • Lastly, the first diamond engagement ring was used in the year 1477.

The facts about diamonds are really interesting and hold a lot of significance in the present day and thus diamonds can be called as the kind of all gemstones to begin with.

If you have made up your mind to buy a diamond ring for your woman and wondering how to go about it, we would suggest that you do not just settle down for anything right away. Go though the different parameters for diamond check the clarity, quality and the quantity that is being provided to you and at what price. Then decide on how much you are willing to pay for the ring and only after all these questions are answered take your call. If you know what to look for, there is very less chances that you will be fooled while buying your wedding, engagement or promise ring.

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